Desk Job Blues

I said that I would never work another office job again. I could not live with the sitting, staring at a computer screen for hours on end. Being fed office junk food; such as doughnuts, cookies and bagels. Talking to fellow co-workers about the stupid fax machine. Who cares about the fax machine??! But yet, I chose to apply for an office job and BAM! I’m back where I started a few years ago. It’s odd how we go back to whatever feels comfortable-even it’s something we dislike with a passion.

Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful to have a job that provides benefits and a descent pay-but I know that there’s more out there. There’s a world full of beautiful people, huge mountains and blue waters. My life is awaiting. Then why do I choose to settle for a job that does not define my true nature? I consider myself to be active, healthy and adventurous. However, since being at this job-it seems as if I have fell off the map. I’ve gained weight, changed my lifestyle to accommodate others and stopped doing the things that I loved. I did all of that for money and health benefits. Is it worth it? To some, yes. To me, hell no!

I have awakened to what my heart truly desires. I yearn for movement, healthy foods and adventure. A few days ago, I decided to put myself first in what I want in my life. I am aware that things will not happen over night, but it’s the little steps that count. Such as today, I chose to not consume any dairy products. Now mind you, I was vegan for an entire year before I decided to move home and “settle down” It’s time to take control over my life and yours too! If we don’t do it, someone else will and believe me-they will not take our best interest at heart. Start today! Do something small that will ultimately change the future you. If you’ve been meaning to get into photography-buy that camera. If you’ve been wanting to take salsa classes, find one in your neighborhood and sign up. It’s simple. However, we tend to put our desires on the back-burner for other people. Today we will start brand new!


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