Late Nights, Early Mornings Flow

It is around 3:40 AM and I am fully awake. I always had problems with sleeping. I remember when I was a little girl I would walk around the house all night-so much that my mother had to tell me to go lay down. I guess my mind feels the most clear at these hours. It’s when I feel the most creative and optimistic.

I wanted this blog to be a motivation for people who needed a little guidance. People who felt lost in the world and who felt uneasy about their path. This is something that I’ve always struggled with. During my childhood, I was a visually creative being. I would be in my room for hours-drawing, writing and working on all sorts of fun projects. Around the age of 13, it just stopped. Since then, I haven’t had a sense of true creativity. I’m not exactly sure what happened at that age where I decided to give up on something that brought me such peace, but that’s in the past now.

I find struggle in committing myself to anything. I will work on something for a few months-whether it’s working out or gardening-then I become extremely bored and find something else to hold my attention. This pattern is pretty stressful, because I cannot seem to get it right. I ultimately want to become an expert in a field of some sort. However, my persistence is not all there and it hasn’t been in a very long time.

On social media, most posts shows people’s end results instead of the actual process. They don’t show the photos of when they were out of shape and unhealthy. They don’t show the nights of anxiety and heartache, but rather the mornings of yoga poses and vegan breakfast. The truth of the matter is is that we are all human. All of us are going through something and there’s no correct answer to life.  

I’m here to say that you are not alone. Things may be a little rough right now, but with optimism, dedication and faith-everything will come together the way it should.



ay it should.



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